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BSA Troop 20
Photo Gallery: Shiloh National Military Park Hiking and Camping
Shiloh National Military Park Hiking and Camping
Shiloh National Military Park

BSA Troop 20 hiked several of the historical hikes in 2008 and 2013. Troop camped  at Pittsburg Landing State Park. Hikes were distances of 12, 14 and 20 miles.  Visits included the Civil War Museum at Corinth Mississippi and the Shiloh Battlefield. During the 2013 expedition, the Scouts led their own Sunday worship service at the old Shiloh Church on the battlefield. Enroute to Shiloh NMP, the Scouts traveled the Natchez Trace with a stop at the burial place of explorer Merriwether Lewis. 

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Burial Site of Meriwether Lewis, Corps of Discovery

Reached by Natchez Trace Parkway, south of Nashville, mile post 385.9.  Lewis, a US Army Captain, Commander of the Corps of Discovery and later, Governor of the Louisiana Territory.  He, also, served as personal secretary to President Thomas Jefferson. Lewis died October 11, 1809. Speculation about the cause of death, suicide or murder, continues to this day.  The location on the Natchez Trace is Grinder's Stand.

The State of Tennessee erected this memorial in 1848. 

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Grinder's Stand on Natchez Trace Parkway

Museum located at mile post 385.9 - site of death of Lewis, Corps of Discovery Commander and one of America's most famous explorers. 

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Old Shiloh Church

Interior of old church - a reconstruction of the original church at the battlefield. Confederate General A. S. Johnston, wounded, was taken to this site where he died. 

BSA Troop 20 Scouts had their Scout led Sunday worship here.  Scouts Tyler Buck and Dylan Johnson led the service - Scouts contributed readings. During the service, several tourists sat with us

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Shiloh Cannon Trail

Educational 14 mile trek that is entirely in the safe confines of Shiloh National Military Park. Scouts, as they hike, answer questions about events and persons at Shiloh. Scouts are able to identify the kind of cannon and where it was manufactured. Experiences can be applied to Hiking MB, Citizenship in the Nation MB and American Heritage MB. On one expedition, BSA Troop 20 Scouts, also, identified menus and attempted to prepare several meals that civil wars solders would have eaten. 

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Patch for Shiloh Trail - A. S. Johnston Approach

20 mile hike marking the Confederate approach to Shiloh from Corinth, Mississippi.  The battle, essentially, was for the protection of rail supply lines at Corinth. Johnston, a West Point graduate, killed at Shiloh, was the only full general in the history of America to be killed in battle. There is a NPS museum at Corinth. 

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Shiloh Veteran Hiker Award

Scouts and leaders are eligible for this award upon completion of five of the seven hikes at Shiloh.

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Shiloh Indian Mound Trek

Three mile hike near the Tennessee River and the site of several Native American burial mounds. Program here is geared toward younger Cub Scouts.

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