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BSA Troop 20 BSA Troop 20

Photo Gallery: Gettysburg, Camp Conewago and Washington DC Photo Gallery: Gettysburg, Camp Conewago and Washington DC

Gettysburg, Camp Conewago and Washington DC
AT Headquarters at Harpers Ferry

Scouts visited the AT headquarters which is on the Appalachian Trail at Harpers Ferry.  Opportunites to hike a section of the AT are numerous on a Getttysburg-DC expedition. 

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Harpers Ferry Historical Marker

One group of our Scouts visited and hiked the historic town of Harper's Ferry.

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Historic C&O Canal

One group of our Scouts explored the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal with affords hiking and biking. 

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Gettysburg Historical Patch

Four part Gettysburg Patch for hikes: Johnny Reb, Billy Yank, Eisenhower Museum and visitation to the Gettysburg NMP Museum.  There, also, is a patch for the Gettysburg Historical City Hike that ends at the railroad station (museum).

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Eisenhower Historical Site

President Dwight D. Eisenhower's farm - a museum. 

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Camp Conewago Patch

New Birth of Freedom Council-BSA

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Lodge at Camp Conewago

Camp Conewago is a 95 year old Scout camp seven miles northeast from the historic town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It's the site of a old French-Indian trading post on the banks of the Conewago River.  The Lodge provides about 40 bunk beds, a camp kitchen, three large dining tables, a telephone and two wood stoves for heating. The interior is decorated with Order of the Arrow memorabilia. The building has a covered porch on two sides. Adjacent to the Lodge is a four unit shower house. Camp Conewago is one of three Scout camps owned by the New Birth of Freedom Council-BSA, Harrisburg, PA.

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Lodge at Camp Conewago
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Tennessee Memorial at Gettysburg Battlefield

This is a picture from the first expedition to Gettysburg by Troop 20 Scouts. It was scheduled during the Fall or October school break of Putnam County schools.  Cool weather was conducive to hiking the Johnny Reb Trail and the Gettysburg Historic Trail.  

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Troop 20 rides the Washington Metro

Picture is from the Spring expedition. Troop drove from Camp Conewago in the early morning to the western most line of the Washington Metro subway-train system at Derwood, Maryland. 

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Cayden Fair, Brodye Stevens and Lucas Buckner at Gettysburg Museum

This picture is from the Spring break expedition. 

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Cayden Fair at US Capitol

Part of the 2nd expedition to Gettysburg, Antietam and Washington DC. Some Troop 20 Scouts, also, visited the C&O Canal, a Appalachian Trail section in Maryland and Armory at Charlestown, West Virginia. 

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BSA Troop 20 Scouts in Lodge

This photo is from the second expedition to Gettysburg and Washington DC. On this campaign, the troop received permission to camp on the grounds of the Antietam Battlefield and the troop hiked the historic trail there. 

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Evening Camp Fire at Anttietam Battlefield, Maryland

Troop encampment at the Antietam Battlefield and national military park. Advance reservations were required. Troop prepared evening meal and breakfast at the site. Scouts considered what menu items the soldiers would have prepared. Troop completed 10 mile historic hike that fulfilled a requirement for Hiking merit badge. The battlefield and museums afforded completions for some requirements for Citizenship in the Nation merit badge.

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Scouts at Nation's Capitol

Part of the Troop 20 and families on the 2nd expedition to Washington DC.

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