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BSA Troop 20 BSA Troop 20

Photo Gallery: T20 Adult Canoe School, August 2015 Photo Gallery: T20 Adult Canoe School, August 2015

T20 Adult Canoe School, August 2015
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D&J 1
In position, ready to take on Oblique Falls.
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D&J 2
It looks like we know what we're doing.
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D&J 3
And we actually made it that time.
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Tobin 1
"Oh look, there's a waterfall." (Parents notice the adults standing out ready to help if needed.
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Tobin 2
"Not so bad."
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Tobin 3
"I think we've found the exact moment when things started to go wrong."
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Tobin 4
"There are some big fish in this river."
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Tobin 5
"Best swimming trip, ever!"
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Tobin 6
"That waterfall looked a lot bigger underwater."
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D&J Sink
The boat was so full of water after the 3 Chutes that it was easier to sink it than to step out of it.
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D&J Restart
Now the canoe has been emptied and they're ready to try it again
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Mrs. Jessica, Mr. Tobin, and Mr. Daniel ready for Day 2
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