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BSA Troop 20 BSA Troop 20

Photo Gallery: Boxwell, July 2015 Photo Gallery: Boxwell, July 2015


Summer Camp - 2015 0 Camp Craig, Boxwell SR

Boxwell, July 2015
Camp Craig - Flag Detail

Duncan Dubois, Jacob Dubois and Zane Mills are Troop 20's flag detail

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18 Troop 20 Scouts with Anne Randolph at this evening formation
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[Aubrey Hunter

Aubrey having fun.

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Hangin Out in Camp

Justin Grossarth, Jacob Dubois, Tyler Buck andĀ 

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Pete Randolph with Aubrey Hunter
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Justin Grossarth and Duncan Dubois
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Justin Grossarth, Cayden Fair and Mike Jeffers
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Evening in Camp

Identifiable Scouts are Pete Randolph, Mike Jeffers, Tyler Buck, Duncan Dubois, Hayden Swift, Maven Cole and Ethan Conley.

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Scouts entertaining themselves without gadgets or electronics
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Evening Jaw Fest in Camp

Identifiable Scouts are Matthew Piras, Pete Randolph, Michael Cody, Hayden Swift and Ethan Conley.

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Adult Leaders at Camp Craig -2015 Mike Jeffers, Anne Randolph, Daneil Buckner, Travis Duvier and Jim Groce
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Shower House 2 Detail

Brodye Stevens and Lucas BucknerĀ 

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Shower House 2 - Camp Craig Detail

Michael Cody, Andy Crockett, Mike Jeffers and Lucas Buckner talking it over.

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Jayton Stahlhut with the squigee
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Ethan Conley and Jayton Stahlhut

Dreaded Shower House 2 Clean Up Detail.

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